Weekly Cashback Bonus

LuckyWays Casino Weekly Cashback Bonus

Supercharge your play sessions and claim your Cashback Bonus every Monday!

With LuckyWays, even when you lose you win. We believe that a great casino experience revolves around excitement, entertainment and fairness so we decided to offer you a weekly second chance to get that amazing big win.

And not only that, but the more you play, the higher the cashback you can claim! If you're on a streak we're going to keep it going!

When you begin your play session, the cashback meter starts at 3%, however as you play more and more the cashback meter will supercharge and go higher and higher, up to 15%.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Cashback is awarded every Monday at 15.00 UTC.
  2. The Cashback will be applied on your real money net losses over the previous week (starting on Monday at 00:00 and finishing on Sunday at 23.59). Net losses are calculated as total deposits less total withdrawals less current balance.
  3. Gameplay with bonus money does not qualify for the Cashback.
  4. The Cashback has no wagering requirement.
  5. The Cashback is valid once per week and oncer per account, person, device, household and/or IP address.
  6. The Cashback percentage will be applicable as follows:

    €0 - €50 3%
    €50 - €250 5%
    €251 - €1.000 7%
    €1.000+ 10%
  7. Depending on the number of cosecutive days played, a player will receive a bonus to his cashback percentage as follows:

    1-3 DAYS +1%
    3-7 DAYS +3%
    7+ DAYS +5%
  8. If there are signs of abuse, Luckyways reserves the right to change or suspend the offer at any time without notice.